Validating the sensor network calculus by simulations

Topics include: Fixed and Intangible Assets, Current and Long-Term Liabilities (Notes Payable), Payroll, Accounting for a Partnership, Accounting for a Corporation, Statement of Cash Flows, and Financial Statement Analysis, Laboratory work demonstrates theory presented in class.

Topics include: accounting vocabulary and concepts, the accounting cycle for a personal service business, the accounting cycle for a merchandising business, inventory, cash control and receivables.A KU engineering education helps students understand technical principles and the background behind them and prepares them for the changes ahead. Single and multiple degree of freedom free and forced vibration. Most graduates assume responsible positions in business, industry, education, or government, but engineering programs also provide an excellent background for other careers. She previously served as Deputy Project Manager for the MESSENGER mission and as Manager for NASA's Mini-RF project.Her involvement in the mission dates back to 2004, when she served as the Science Operations Center lead.

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