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Former Disney star Selena Gomez came in at second place and Rihanna pinched the third spot but neither of them managed to make the bash.Other guests at the event included singer Kellie Pickler, Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson and actress Janina Gavankar.On one hand I’m offended that they exist, but on the other hand, I’d be offended if I wasn’t included. There are a few other fellow freeskiers on the list including Ingrid Backstrom, Lynsey Dyer and Grete Eliassen, and though I know each of these ladies is beautiful, it is their skiing that really stands out to me. Just like the judging in most of our sports, I’ve rated these men objectively in reverse order, saving the best for last… With Glen Plake as his mentor, Petersen skied the Exit couloir, where his father had perished. I learned a lot from just following other skiers who were older than me around the mountain. Filming, because it gives me more of an opportunity to be creative and do what I enjoy doing. I’m shooting with the Sherpas this winter a lot around Whistler and Revelstoke.His eyes were opened to Chamonix, ski-mountaineering, and some realizations about his father’s death—which was documented in the film Since then, he’s earned his place among the pantheon of big-mountain skiers. When did you skiing professionally become a reality for you? In the spring, everything is pretty undetermined right now. I’m pretty much working exclusively with the Sherpas this season; that’s my main project for the winter. What have you learned from working with the Sherpas?Take ten celebrities, put them in swimsuits, give them some training by a sexy Olympic legend and then make them dive into a swimming pool.There you have the basic concept behind ABC’s new reality competition series, is watching as the celebs – basketball icon Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, comedian Louie Anderson, actor/singer Drake Bell, comedian Chuy Bravo, reality star Kendra Wilkinson, actress Keshia Knight-Pulliam, skier Rory Bushfield, actress Nicole Eggert, Miss Alabama Katherine Webb, football’s Ndamukong Suh – grow (or not grow) as divers both physically and emotionally.

In 2005, a 15-year-old Petersen made his first pilgrimage to Chamonix. When I was pretty young, I just went up the hill to get away from everything.

First, the preparation: And then, finally, the dive: Uh-oh. But, as a unit, they seem to be confident in their ability to pull off a synchronized dive, even if it’s not from the highest of levels. Judge David, also known as “the worst dude,” decides to accept a challenge to dive from Charissa. They’re like slightly annoying, majestic tear-away water angels. Rory’s crazy, so he will dive from anything: But Kendra is scared of heights and doesn’t want to do anything. It’s looking as if Kendra’s going to quit, despite pleas from Rory and cheers from the entire arena.

After some discussions from the judges, they give their scores: Joey, your take on this? Thankfully, the one thing they have going for them is that THEIR HAIR IS LOOKING POUFED TO PERFECTION. Next up, “Team— WHAT Apparently, they’re on a show together called viewing public hostage. After some decent practice tries in the montage, it’s finally time for the real thing. So then Rory decides he wants to put himself in Kendra’s shoes and try a dive he’s scared of. Well, not the entire arena … Tubbs and Crockett know that if she quits, they both survive, don’t have to battle, and most importantly, can remain best friends.

However, I don’t feel like going into a moral escapade over this right now, so I figured that I’d have some fun and create a list of the hottest male winter sport athletes.

As a kid, Kye Petersen, 22, used to head up into to the mountains around his Whistler, British Columbia, home to get away from things.

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