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) [Verse 2 - Cam'ron] Ok, here come the rundown Niggas gonna run down, tell you put your gun down Puff puff puff, shutdown Uptown In the house, holla back Going round, dunn clown I'mma do this fast or slow When I rap or when I bag a O, when I wrap that Pass that, catch back, fast that Motherfuckers had to know Oh, oh, I'm about that cornbread Believe me, I'm beyond dead I do this for blood shed, do it for Bloodshed Derek Michael Armstead Me and him soul-to-soul If you bowl your fold, better slow your role Before your roll get popped And them hoes them hop from pole to pole Lemme slow it up (why?

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April's zoo in upstate New York predicted the arrival of an 'April Fool's' baby' yesterday but the overdue giraffe remains pregnant and has still not given birth yet.

As the world continues to wait for April to go into labour at long last, here are the latest updates from her live stream and the Animal Adventure Park.

TO CONTINUE TO FOLLOW OUR LIVE UPDATES ON APRIL THE GIRAFFE - CLICK HERE4pm BST: April is slowly strutting around her pen and waiting for the moment her baby arrives.

But while April remains calm about the situation her social media fans are starting to show annoyance.

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