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He asks everyone: How much of sex is ‘work’ and how much is ‘pleasure’? There being no consensus, the colonel turns to the enlisted man in charge of making the coffee. With no hesitation, the young soldier replies, ‘Sir, it has to be 100% pleasure.’ The surprised colonel asks why.

‘Well, sir, if there was any work involved, the officers would have me doing it for them.’ Perhaps because he is the youngest, the soldier considers only the pleasure that sex represents, while the older men know a lot more is going on.

All are fascinating and willing to share of themselves.

Come sit around Laura's table and get a shot of life.

Meet the most eclectic, fully living group of people.

Some are best selling authors, others are single moms.

Laura has already begun to suspect that her father is also somehow BOB, the man who has been sexually abusing her from a young age (and the audience is already certain), which makes it hard to even find words for how gut wrenching it is a few moments later, when Leland roughly pinches Laura’s cheek, and, at his wife’s objection that Laura “doesn’t like that,” snaps, “How do you know what she likes?

When a student was standing in his underwear about to put his gym clothes on, he suddenly realized there was a member of the opposite sex changing with him in the locker room, who was also in a state of undress.A lot of stuff comes up when you don’t have a cigarette in your hand.” She pauses to blow a puff of smoke out of the window as if on cue.Evidently she’s over being straight-edge these days.From relationships to health, spirituality to sex change, parenting to food ...Laura and her guests will challenge you, entertain you and inspire the heck out of you.

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