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He advocated an aggressive foreign policy and strongly opposed plans by Shigenori Togo to remove Japanese troops from China and Korea. He initially backed the foreign office's efforts to reach agreement with the United States.

This photograph is in the public domain in Japan because it was first published in Japan and its copyright has expired according to Article 23 of the 1899 Copyright Act of Japan (English translation) and Article 2 of Supplemental Provisions of Copyright Act of 1970.

From February 1944 he was also made Commander-in-Chief of the General Staff.

Thus, he ruled almost as dictator, answerable only to Emperor Hirohito.

In the eastern releases, the main story is completed with 103 unique side stories called "sub-scenarios" ("substory" in the original version, sabustori).The Japanese successes in the Pacific early in the war made him extremely popular, but as the tide turned against Japan, he lost favor and was forced to resign in 1944 after the Japanese defeat at Saipan.After the war, he attempted to commit suicide but failed.As with the earlier games, each chapter is preceded by a cinematic, called an "event scene", which later becomes available in the Gallery mode.Skipping these scenes using the Start button can only be done after enabling the scene-skipping option in the menu, which is switched off by default.

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