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“We’ve already heard from lot of players and people on how he made such an impact that we never would have known about otherwise,” Scott Going said.

“I imagine a lot of men out there he helped in some way.” “It was amazing how many kids she touched, and had a lifelong impression on,” said Dave Sands, a former state executive director of Audubon Nebraska who is now executive director of the Nebraska Land Trust.

She will be missed by many four legged and two legged friends and family and her early departure leaves a sadness in our hearts – (February 2017) In memory of our beloved sister-in-law, Denise Van Heuveln, you have been a blessing to us all and a model of courage, strength and conviction. We thank you, too, for our Miss Ellee — without her our lives would not be the same 🙂 Mark and Linda Abendroth (February 2017) A gift in celebration of Scout’s life and love!

– Shirley Andre (February 2017) Happy 71st birthday to my father, Jon Hrabe! - Alison Hrabe (January 2017) A memorial gift in memory of Connie Anderson of Clear Lake, IA – Jacqueline Lowry Hofman (January 2017) A gift in loving memory of Gidget!

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BROOKSIDE - SEASON FORTY-EIGHT (42 episodes) [Episodes 1912-1953] The episodes: Episode 1912 (W 02-07-97 "One Of Those Nights") Written by Nick Saltrese - The Corkhills have a sleepless night as they try to stop the steam coming from Cracker's ears, and Jimmy also feels the after-effects of the curry - but it is a much more disturbing night for the Johnsons.

Episode 1913 (Th 03-07-97 "What She Wanted") Written by Valerie Windsor - Ollie compiles a list of everyone he has recently slept with, and asks Bel to do the same.

Ron is mysteriously summoned to a scrapyard, where he finds the remains of the "Moby".

Episode 1915 (T 08-07-97 "Out He Pops") Written by Chris Webb - Rachel is not keen on Christian's idea that she arrives by taxi for her wedding.

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