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Depending on your childrens' ages, Take Your Child To Work Day can be a fun and engaging time spent with both kids and coworkers of all ages.

Young toddlers, for example, can be provided with paper and crayons to keep them busy in between visits to bosses and coworkers.

Free lectures and community events – Colleges and universities, especially those that receive public funding, are great community resources that offer a wide range of events and services at little or no cost.

Community and nonprofit organizations also host many free events and activities.

Kant's ethical idealism and rejection of all transcendental reasoning about religion had the effect of limiting knowledge and opening the way for faith.

Schleiermacher introduced the idea of religion as a condition of the heart whose essence is feeling.

Dictionary definitions of sex tend to be less literary, offering several definitions including: The answer you get to the question “what is sex” depends largely on who you ask.

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Meanwhile, the November calendar in Canada is filled with similar activities for kids and families as Canadians celebrate "Take Our Kids To Work Day" on Wednesday, November 1, 2017.

In the US, mark your calendars for Thursday, April 27, 2017 to kick off this year's drive to help teach kids about the work-a-day world of their parents — and to get them dreaming about their own grown-up careers.

First begun in 1993 by the Foundation for Women as "Take Our Daughters to Work Day", the annual program has since also included sons on the special day traditionally held on the fourth Thursday in April.

Given such broad definitions, it can be helpful to narrow your focus and figure out what aspect of sex you want to learn more about.

One way to define sex is to find out what others are doing in the name of sex, and try to count and categorize these behaviors.

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